Corn Popper Push Toy


Complete with colorful balls inside a plastic dome, this toy makes Poppity-Pop sounds when the balls hit the dome which would make those first steps of your child the best they can be. Its sturdy design would make the experience safe and comfortable, and its popping sounds and lights would delight your child. Aside from walking, counting and visual tracking would be also be skills that this toy can introduce to your child. One of the most recommended toys in the world, your child would definitely have a childhood with a solid and memorable foundation that would have him or her walking far.

Product Information

  • Balls strike plastic dome and create a fun Poppity-Pop sound and action
  • Sturdy design for beginning walkers
  • Poppity-pop! Classic push toy fun
  • Popping with colorful balls to entertain and encourage walking, as well as counting and visual tracking
  • Age range 1 to 5 years