Vtech MobiGo 2


Give your child the chance to go off and become the gadget geek that he or she wants to be with this learning system in orange. With a large library of games and e-books that can be downloaded, this toy would sharpen your child’s mind further and hone his or her skills better. It comes with four different ways of playing: touchscreen, microphone, motion, and slide-out keyboard. And, aside from being a handheld gaming console, it may also be used as a photo viewer, e-book reader, art studio and coloring book and photo album. Get one for your little kid now, and watch him or her transform into someone who can command all the world’s gadgets confidently.

Product Information

  • Four different modes of playing: Motion, touchscreen, microphone and slide-out keyboard
  • Qwerty keyboard helps kids become familiar with a keyboard layout
  • Toy can also function as an e-reader, photo album, photo viewer and art studio and coloring book
  • Large library of downloadable games and e-books are available online at the Learning Lodge
  • Comes with three great games that take advantage of all the MobiGo’s cool features